Liquor License Law

Possessing a liquor license is a valuable asset for many businesses. In fact, to some companies, it’s an essential part of operating day after day. Without a valid liquor license, some businesses would simply have to close the doors in short order.

Are you having problems qualifying for a new liquor license, or has your license been suspended due to a violation? Whatever the case, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo right away for a free consultation. Our experienced team will help you understand what rights you have and how you can fight for the license you need to operate.


Getting a Liquor License

For countless businesses in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, obtaining a liquor license is one of the necessary steps to open their doors. Without that license, the organization may never get off the ground. This kind of license is an easy thing to take for granted when you are in the early stages of planning your business, but you may find out later that it’s a little harder to secure than once believed.

Working with a liquor license attorney is one of the best ways to work through the licensing process. We can help you understand what type of license you need to hold, depending on the type of business you plan to run. We can also help you determine which government agency will issue that license and if there is more than one agency to deal with in your area. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just having a “liquor license.” In reality, there are many different types of licenses available, so start the planning process with Rinaldi & Poveromo acting as your liquor license lawyer right away.


Liquor License Violations

It’s hard to tightly control all the moving parts of your business at all times. Even with comprehensive employee training procedures in place, you still may run into mistakes with how liquor is handled in your business. And, if those mistakes occur, you might wind up being accused of a violation. That notice of a violation doesn’t have to be a big setback for your business, but it does need to be appropriately handled.

With so much at stake, bring in Rinaldi & Poveromo to help you work through any violations that have been charged. We’ll investigate the incident or incidents to make sure the violations are legitimate, and we will work with the necessary government agencies to resolve the matter. The goal here is to limit any financial damage and to keep your liquor license in good standing moving forward.


Proper Education

As a business owner, you might not fully understand the liquor license laws and how they apply to your business. Knowledge is the first step toward consistent compliance, so you’ll want to know exactly what you need to monitor and how you can do so. For help, consult with Rinaldi & Poveromo on this crucial topic in the early stages of your business. Or, even if you have been in business for years, you can bring in our team to tighten up this side of your operation.


Find a Liquor License Attorney Near Me

You’ll need to be proactive about your liquor license if you want anything to change. Whether you need to get a new liquor license or restore an old one that has been suspended, the time to get started is now. As a first step, reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo for a consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and what our team can bring to the case. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to serve you soon.

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