Wills, Living Wills & Powers of Attorney

Everyone needs to have a will. This is a sensitive subject to discuss or think about, but that doesn’t decrease its importance. If you would like to ensure that all of your assets will go where you want them to go after your passing, draw up a will right away. Working with a wills attorney makes this process quick and easy. At Rinaldi & Poveromo, we can help you work through any complicated parts of your estate so that everything in your will is exactly how you’d like it to be. Contact us today to learn more.


Working with a Wills Lawyer

It’s true that you could sit down at your kitchen table and write out your will on a piece of paper. Would that document hold up in court after your passing? That’s another matter altogether. By working with a wills attorney on this process, you can come away with a legally binding document, covers all of the essential points that need to be managed, and gives you peace of mind that your estate will be handled exactly as you would like.

One of the things that surprise many people about writing a will is how many different pieces of the puzzle need to be considered. If you don’t think of yourself as a wealthy person, you might feel like you do have that many assets to account for in your will. However, once you get started, you may find more and more things to deal with – to the point where your will is more complicated than you once expected. To avoid the hassle of trying to do this by yourself, make sure you get it right the first time. Be sure to reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo for assistance.


The Matter of a Living Will

Along with a traditional will that will provide instructions on how your assets are to be dispersed, you may also want to consider drafting a living will. This is another important legal document that can help make sure the end of your life is handled according to your wishes. A living will is going to outline how you would like medical treatment to be handled in the event that you can’t communicate properly with the healthcare professionals.

You can cover several circumstances in a living will, and the team at Rinaldi & Poveromo will help you work through some of those considerations as you draft the document. Working with a living will attorney makes it much easier to organize your wishes into a document that will hold up legally when the time comes. Some points you can address in a living will are: whether you would like to donate your organs, if you want a Do Not Resuscitate order in place, or what the medical staff should do if you can’t breathe on your own. Of course, this is just a partial list, so work together closely with your lawyer to determine what conditions you would like to include.


Check This Off Your List

Creating a will is something that many people put off week after week, month after month. It never feels like a pressing matter, so it’s easy just to delay the task. By calling a will lawyer for help, you’ll realize that this is something you can finish up quickly, and you will actually feel a great sense of relief when it is completed. Reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo to learn more about how we can help you create a will quickly and easily.