Will Contests and Orphans’ Court Litigation

A will is an essential financial planning tool, but not all wills hold up in court. If there is something wrong with a will from a legal perspective, that issue may be challenged by a party that feels they are entitled to part of the estate. Whether you are the one challenging the will, or you are trying to protect a will against a challenge from another party, call Rinaldi & Poveromo today. We have experience as a wills lawyer, and we will fight hard for your side of this case.


Why Would a Will Be Challenged?

Ideally, a will is a document that will ensure that a deceased individual’s estate is handled in a manner that is consistent with their wishes. When a will is drafted properly – and legally – it will include all of the information and directions that the individual desired to leave behind. But that’s not always how it works.

There are a variety of issues that can come up, which may lead to a contested will. For example, one party believes the will of a loved one was forged, or it could be that the deceased individual created the will, but that undue influence was placed on that person by another party. Whatever the case may be, will contests happen frequently, and it will be necessary to work with an experienced will lawyer like Rinaldi & Poveromo to argue for your side.


Get Help Challenging a Will

If a loved one has passed away and you don’t believe his or her will is valid, contact us right away for assistance. You may need to act quickly to bring up this challenge before the estate is settled, so get started today to allow for as much time as possible to collect evidence and make arguments. You don’t need to know exactly why the will is invalid – if you have any concerns, call us for a consultation.

As with most legal cases, arguing successfully against the validity of a will is all about collecting as many details as possible. We will need to formulate a strong case that proves the will’s content does not match up with the actual intent of the deceased. This goal is certainly possible, but it can be a challenge. Bring as much evidence as you can to the table and work together with a member of our team to mount this argument.


Protect a Valid Will

When a will is valid, you will want to stand up for it if a challenge comes from another party. This can happen when one of the beneficiaries did not receive what they think they should get or when someone is left out of a will entirely. Standing up to this kind of challenge is best handled by a will contest lawyer with experience in this space. Our team will fight hard to protect your loved ones’ wishes and make sure the directions contained in the will are carried out properly.


Reach Out to a Will Lawyer Near Me

Any legal matter is going to have a time constraint attached to the action you can take. Don’t wait around to contact a will contest lawyer to start putting together your case. This might not sound like a fun task, but it’s better to deal with it now than put it off until it can wait no longer – or until it’s too late. For clients throughout Central & Northeastern Pennsylvania, Rinaldi & Poveromo is a great choice as a will contests lawyer. We look forward to your call.