Professional Malpractice

When you visit a medical facility, you expect to be treated with appropriate care. You are there to deal with a health condition, and you want to leave in better health than when you arrived. While that is often the case, it doesn’t work out that way for all patients. Sometimes, malpractice on the part of the healthcare professionals can leave you in worse health – and facing significant challenges in your life. If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice in Central or Northeastern Pennsylvania, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo to discuss your case.


A Range of Malpractice Possibilities

Unfortunately, there are many different ways in which medical treatment can go wrong. Any of these possibilities can be categorized as malpractice, and legal action may be necessary if the mistakes have resulted in harm to you or a loved one. One of the leading malpractice issues is a misdiagnosis of your condition. If a doctor misdiagnoses you and then provides treatment for a condition you don’t have, the results could be catastrophic. Not all misdiagnosis cases are grounds for a malpractice suit, so work with a professional malpractice lawyer to consider your options.

Another big topic in the area of malpractice is surgical errors. If a doctor makes a mistake during surgery, there are likely to be serious consequences – and it’s even possible for that mistake to prove fatal. If you or a loved one have been harmed during a surgery that was supposed to improve your health, get in touch with Rinaldi & Poveromo today. As you look for a lawyer for malpractice near me, you’ll find that our team has the right combination of knowledge, experience, and compassion to take on this type of important case.

Other potential issues that could lead to a malpractice case include providing a patient with the wrong medication. It may be that the incorrect medicine is written on a prescription, or it could be an improper dosage that leads to problems. Also, injuries sustained during the birth process can be grounds for these kinds of suits.


Making Your Case

It’s essential to work closely with a professional malpractice lawyer to establish the grounds for your case. Remember, there will be lawyers on the other side of this case who will argue firmly that the issue was not malpractice – it was merely a risk that comes with any medical treatment. To swing the argument in your favor, you’ll need to bring as much evidence and witness testimony as possible.

The experienced team here at Rinaldi & Poveromo will lead the way in making those arguments and helping you establish firm footing for your case. We understand the key issues at play when trying to make a claim of malpractice, and we’ll make sure you are informed of our plan at each step along the way. It can be intimidating to go up against a major healthcare company in a legal battle, but you can rest assured that we will stand up for your rights throughout the process.


Exploring Your Options

Malpractice cases are often complicated and can be tricky to argue properly. Given that fact, you might not be sure if your case is worth pursuing legal action. Don’t worry about making that decision on your own – instead, contact our team and let us help you decide whether or not to proceed. With experience as a professional malpractice lawyer, Rinaldi & Poveromo will lend our knowledge to this situation to help you make the right choice. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to hear from you today.