Property Litigation

Real estate can be complicated. The property lines drawn on paper don’t always match what has happened in the real world, for example, and that disparity may wind up in a legal struggle. If you are stuck in a dispute over real estate of some kind, consider retaining a property litigation lawyer to help. At Rinaldi & Poveromo, we have extensive experience in this area and will make sure your rights are protected. Get in touch with our office today for a free consultation.


What Kinds of Property Disputes Need to Be Resolved?

There are countless different types of property disputes that can come up between landowners. This is a complex area of law that includes a significant number of moving parts, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rinaldi & Poveromo as soon as you find yourself in a disagreement with another party.

Often, boundary disputes are a cause of litigation. For instance, if you own a piece of residential property and your neighbor starts to build on land that you believe is yours, you’ll want to take quick action. The neighbor may have property lines that differ from your records, or they may simply be trying to get away with something while you aren’t paying attention. Whatever the case, this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. As a property litigation lawyer, Rinaldi & Poveromo can come to your defense and ensure your land rights are recognized.

Zoning is another major area of property disputes. When you want to use your land for a specific purpose, and that action is being blocked because of zoning restrictions, you may have legal options. Of course, this will likely mean taking action against a government agency, so it’s important to work with an experienced property dispute lawyer like Rinaldi & Poveromo to take on such a critical case.


Real Estate Title Issues

You probably don’t think much about the title on the property that you own. However, a title is a vital legal document, as it certifies your position as owner of that property. It also details any conditions or claims. For example, if there is a lien on a property by a third party, that lien will show up on the title. Having something on the title of a property isn’t a particularly big deal until you go to sell the property, at which point it might become a significant stumbling block.

Whether or not you need a property litigation lawyer to help with title issues depends on the underlying cause of the problem. With the example of a lien, that lien may be in place because of outstanding debt. Once the debt is paid, the lien should be removed, and the problem will be taken care of. However, other situations will be more complicated, and you might need to bring in the team at Rinaldi & Poveromo to help you straighten everything out.


End the Struggle

Real estate disputes have a way of lingering on and on for months or years. There is no need to live with that cloud of stress over your head. Instead, get in touch with Rinaldi & Poveromo to learn more about our services and how we can help bring this matter to a satisfactory resolution. As a property dispute lawyer, we know the knowledge and experience required to present your case confidently. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to serving you.