White-Collar Crime

Charges for a white-collar crime can be extremely serious. No matter what kind of crime you have been charged with or expect to be accused of soon, you’ll need to put together a rigorous legal defense. Taking these kinds of charges lightly can lead to severe consequences, both in terms of financial penalties and potential jail time. Contact Rinaldi & Poveromo to learn more about how we can defend you against these charges.


Retaining a Tax Evasion Lawyer

Any tax-related charges should be taken very seriously. Extreme cases can include jail time, but even if that is not on the table, you still may face costly fines and penalties, making it hard to repair your financial life down the road. If you are looking at any tax-related charges in Central or Northeastern Pennsylvania, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo for assistance. Being convicted of these charges is an outcome that will follow you for many years – perhaps even the rest of your life. It’s certainly worth bringing in as much assistance as possible to avoid a conviction.

The help we can offer in this case will depend on the specifics of your charges. If you are charged with underreporting earnings, we will bring together all relevant documentation to refute those charges. It’s crucial to document as many details as possible in a tax case, so your arguments hold weight in court. Our detail-oriented team will track down every piece of evidence we can find to strengthen your case.


Fighting Money Laundering Charges

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Rinaldi & Poveromo can work with you to fight against money laundering charges. This charge can stem from many different avenues, including suspected drug trafficking, gambling proceeds, racketeering, and more. We’ll work hard to prove that your assets were acquired legitimately and that no illegal activities were involved. To get started building your case against these serious charges, reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo today.


Allegations of False Statements

When you are interviewed by law enforcement, you are expected to tell the truth. You always have the right to remain silent, but if you forgo that right and choose to talk, your statements should be factual. Lying to the police or other law enforcement agencies is a crime, and charges can be brought against you in certain instances.

If you have been charged with making false statements, you will want to work with a defense attorney who will fight hard against those allegations. It’s important to work with an experienced lawyer who understands the law and can use the specifics of the law for your benefit. For instance, if you did make an incorrect statement to the police but can prove that statement was a mistake and not intentionally deceptive, your charges may not stick. Many pieces have to come together for a conviction on the charge of making false statements, so stand up for your rights by working with an experienced attorney like Rinaldi & Poveromo.


Start Building Your Defense

It can take time to build a proper defense against a charge of white-collar crime. By getting started soon, you will allow your criminal defense attorney the maximum amount of time possible to collect evidence, interview potential witnesses, and more. Don’t put yourself behind by forcing your criminal lawyer to work under a short deadline. Reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo right away to discuss your case and learn more about how we can serve you in this important matter.

For more than 40 years we have served as counsel for White-Collar Crime throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.