School & Municipal Law

Pennsylvania’s school system provides an invaluable service to the many great families that call this state home. With something so big and complex, legal issues are bound to arise from time to time. For school districts in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania who need legal representation, Rinaldi & Poveromo would be proud to assist. Legal issues related to school district operations and management can be quite tricky and sometimes controversial – turn to a steady, experienced firm for the representation needed.


Freedom to Do Your Job

If you work in a school district, you have a passion for education and the vital role it plays in students’ lives. Unfortunately, legal matters can bog you down and interfere with your ultimate goal of helping young people in your community reach their potential. At Rinaldi & Poveromo, we don’t want to let you get caught up in legal distractions that take you away from performing your core duties.

With our experience in school legal matters, our team can manage the various hearings and other obligations that would take up so much of your time and attention. We will present your case as effectively as possible to ensure the truth is known and all the details related to this matter come to light. Working with an experienced education attorney can be the difference between remaining free to work on your regular duties and being caught up in legal red tape week after week.


Valuable Advice

The best time to deal with legal matters is long before they get to the point of litigation. By working with a school lawyer like Rinaldi & Poveromo, you can get important advice on potential legal issues long before they become a problem. Our team can do the time-consuming research that your staff may not have the time or expertise to manage. Also, we’ll use our years of experience to help you make important decisions that will chart a path for the future of the school district.

Steering clear of litigation is important for many reasons. Perhaps the most important reason to stay away from a lawsuit is that handling litigation is expensive for anyone, especially a school district. If a suit makes it to court and has to be tried to the end, that process will be a significant drain on the school district’s budget. By investing in advice upfront from a respected education attorney like Rinaldi & Poveromo, you can hopefully avoid this kind of event and the negative consequences it brings along with it.


Special Education Considerations

Some students within a district are going to need special attention to reach their potential. Districts are compelled by law to provide those opportunities, but how special education is delivered can vary from place to place. If you need guidance on this particularly important area of education, call in Rinaldi & Poveromo to speak with our special education lawyer for advice.


Contact Us for a Free Consultation

If a legal issue is on the horizon and you’d like to start planning your arguments, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo today for a free consultation. We will help you understand your legal options, and we’ll get to know the basics of your case. It’s important to start handling this case as soon as possible, so you have enough time to present your side of the argument in a compelling manner. Feel free to get in touch at your convenience, and we will be happy to speak with you.

For more than 40 years we have served as counsel for School & Municipal Law throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.