Trusts and Trust Administration

When used correctly, a trust can be a helpful vehicle for handling an individual’s estate. Various benefits can be associated with using a trust as opposed to a will, but you’ll need to understand the details of how trusts work before going in this direction. For the guidance you need, contact a trusts lawyer right away for help. At Rinaldi & Poveromo, we have experience helping clients establish and manage trusts throughout Central & Northeastern Pennsylvania, and we’d be happy to work with you on this important financial matter.


Customized Trust Planning

A trust is not a one-size-fits-all financial tool. You can’t simply decide to start a trust, fill out a form, and be done with it. On the contrary, every trust needs to be carefully planned by a professional to maximize its benefit and limit risks or exposures. This is why working with a trusts lawyer is so essential.

When you call Rinaldi & Poveromo for help with this important task, we will sit down with you to understand your needs and goals with this new trust. We’ll gather up all of the relevant data from your personal and professional life to create a plan for your trust that will cover all of the appropriate bases. We will bring our experience in this area of law to the table, but it will be a collaborative effort to understand your wishes.


Professional Trust Administration

Creating a trust is the first step in this process. Once the trust is created legally, however, it then must be administered properly. Rinaldi & Poveromo can help with this piece of the puzzle, as well. If you are the appointed trustee to a late loved one’s trust, you can contact our team for help in fulfilling your duties.

It’s important to understand that you take on legal responsibilities as a trustee. You are legally compelled to complete several different tasks, and you might face a lawsuit from other beneficiaries if you don’t follow through and take care of all of these duties. Given the emotional situation you are facing at this time in your life, it would be understandable if you made a couple of mistakes along the way. You probably haven’t done this before, so your errors may simply come from a lack of knowledge and experience.

Bring in a trusts lawyer as your administrator to avoid making unwanted – and costly – mistakes. The last thing you need at this point in life is another reason to feel stressed and anxious. You should be able to mourn the loss of your loved one without having to worry about such cold, practical matters. Our team would be proud to take these financial tasks off of your plate. In addition to helping you get through this rough part of life, our experience will also make it easier to navigate the trickier aspects of settling an estate. Bring in help from Rinaldi & Poveromo right away to make sure this trust is settled properly and in a timely manner.


Valuable Peace of Mind

You might be surprised at how much peace of mind can come from putting a trust in place. You’ll know that your wishes are going to be served concerning your estate, and you’ll know that you have made things along easier on your heirs. Contact Rinaldi & Poveromo today to learn more about how we can serve as a trusts lawyer for your needs. Our team looks forward to serving you soon.