Lender Representation

The lender in any given real estate transaction can be an overlooked party in some regards. With so much focus on the buyer and seller, it’s easy to forget about the party providing the funds. Cash purchases a relatively rare in real estate, so most deals won’t happen without a lender. If you are a lender for any real estate transaction and need reliable legal representation, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo today for a lender liability lawyer.


A Complex Legal Framework

Before giving out a single loan, a prospective lender will need to work through a complex framework of laws and restrictions to become licensed. It can be hard to get through all of this red tape alone, so reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo for help. With so much experience acting as a lender lawyer in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, you can turn to us as a trusted advisor while getting your business up and running. Of course, once you are actively working as a lender in this industry, you can continue to lean on our counsel for ongoing matters.


Many Different Possibilities

No matter what kinds of customers you serve with your lending business, we are here to help you make it happen without any legal headaches. We’ve worked with clients who offer mortgages to typical homebuyers, commercial lenders assisting companies to buy large properties, and everything in between. Our knowledge of all of the relevant laws and compliance requirements allows us to be such a useful resource for our clients.

Still not sure if our team will be able to serve your needs? Simply get in touch today for a free consultation. It will only take a short chat to determine if Rinaldi & Poveromo can provide you with the necessary lender representation for your business.


Dealing with Litigation

Even with carefully laid plans and thoughtful execution, it’s still possible that you will face litigation at some point in your lending career. Should that come to pass, the team at Rinaldi & Poveromo will get right to work as your lender lawyer. Regardless of what kind of suit is brought against you, we’ll fight from the start to present your case in a clear and compelling manner.

There are many different forms that litigation can take in the lending market. For example, you might need to enforce an existing operating agreement with someone like a loan broker or loan representative. Or, it could be a title insurance matter that requires attention. Also, class action suits are occasionally brought against lenders if unfair business practices are alleged. With so much money at stake and so many laws and requirements to follow, you’ll want experienced and confident legal representation on your side. Rinaldi & Poveromo can take the legal stress off your shoulders and stand up for your business properly.


Let’s Talk

At Rinaldi & Poveromo, we would be happy to talk with you no matter what stage of the lending business lifecycle you are in. We can become a valued partner who understands the industry and can offer representation for both typical and exceptional circumstances for experienced lenders. For a new lender planning to break into the market, our experience can move you through the licensing process and prepare you to serve customers in a legally compliant manner. Either way, it all starts with a phone call to our office. Get in touch right away to learn more about our practice and what we can offer your lending business.