Representation to Banks and Financial Organizations in Lending Transactions to Borrowers

Lending money is a risky game. Even after going through a lengthy qualifying process and collecting plenty of documentation, it’s still known that some borrowers are not going to pay back their debts. Banks and other financial organizations must have the legal representation they need to serve their customers properly and fairly.

At Rinaldi & Poveromo, we have the experience and knowledge needed to work as a lending lawyer for financial institutions throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Contact us today to get started.


Operating Within the Law

One of your primary obligations as a bank that is lending money is to operate within the rules of the game at all times. Lending is a highly regulated industry, no matter how much money you are lending or who you are lending it to. Whether you are handling mortgages for residential real estate transactions, commercial loans, or anything in between, there are seemingly endless rules that govern how you can operate.

Don’t run into trouble by accidentally running afoul of these rules. It’s often not an intentional action that leads to lenders’ legal trouble – sometimes, it’s simple ignorance of the law that causes problems. Fortunately, Rinaldi & Poveromo is here to help. By bringing us in as a lending transaction lawyer, we can advise your operations and monitor for any actions that may draw regulators’ attention. An experienced banking and finance lawyer is worth the investment because of the knowledge they bring to the table. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your business.


Settling Disputes

The last thing anyone wants to do is end up in court as the result of a dispute. Taking any case to trial is very expensive, time-consuming, and stressful for all involved. As a financial lawyer, we will work hard to keep your organization out of court so you can continue doing business and working toward your goals. Disputes will likely come up from time to time with certain kinds of lending transactions, but those disagreements don’t have to end in a trial. With so much experience serving clients in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, our team will focus on staying on a positive legal path.


Growing Your Lending Offerings

There is money to be made in many different categories of lending. If your bank or financial institution is only operating in a narrow section of the market, your earning and growth potential is limited. With that said, expanding into new areas comes with new and unknown legal challenges and risks. As you think about growing your business, get in touch with Rinaldi & Poveromo to discuss the possibilities. We’ll be able to advise you on your plans and what legal considerations need to be made before you get started. Doing the legal legwork on your new lending offerings upfront will save you a lot of stress – and money – by avoiding problems that could have come up later on.


We’re Here to Serve You

Need a respected banking lawyer to keep the legal side of your business in line? Rinaldi & Poveromo can help. With a friendly team of professionals and the knowledge needed to handle even the most complex lending transaction situations, you can rest easy with us on your side. No matter what kind of lending you do, trust us as your banking and finance lawyer to always have your best interests in mind. Reach out today for a free consultation.

For more than 40 years we have served as counsel for Representation to Banks and Financial Organizations in Lending Transactions to Borrowers throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.