Business Organizations, including formation of corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and fictitious names

Starting a new business is an exciting time. No matter what kind of business you are creating, one of the most critical decisions in the process is determining your business structure. There are many business organization types available, and the one you choose will have a profound impact on things like liability, taxes, legal requirements, and more. For advice on the right legal structure for your business and how to make it happen, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo today.


The Default Option – Solo Proprietorship

When you start a business without giving any thought to formally organizing your operation, you are a sole proprietorship by default. This means that the responsibilities of the company are the same as your personal responsibilities. For some businesses, this is fine – but it does limit you in how you can grow, and it might not be ideal for liability and tax purposes. If your business is intended to grow beyond a solo operation, formally organizing your business beyond a sole proprietorship may be best. Contact Rinaldi & Poveromo for a consultation on this matter.


LLC – The Right Choice for Many Businesses

For many businesses, an LLC – or Limited Liability Corporation – is the perfect option for a business organization. This structure comes with some of the helpful protections of a regular corporation, but there are fewer operational requirements to maintain this status.

For example, if you are going to start a business with a couple of partners, you might want to form an LLC. The presence of an LLC can limit your liability with regard to your partners’ actions, and you may be able to protect your personal assets from business activities. To learn more about what an LLC can do for you and why it might be the right choice for your business, get in touch with Rinaldi & Poveromo today. As an LLC lawyer, we can make sure your business’s structural side is ready to go.


Finding the Right Fit

Above all else, choosing a structure for your business is about creating the right foundation on which your business can grow. If you are looking for an LLC formation attorney near me, you may believe that an LLC is the right choice – but is that the case? Maybe you should be looking at a partnership instead, or perhaps a traditional corporation like a C-Corp. While it is possible to change your business structure down the line, that’s a hassle that you’d rather avoid.

Get your business organization right from the start by working with Rinaldi & Poveromo. We’ll talk with you about your business’s goals, what market you will be serving, who you will be working with, and more. There are numerous variables at work here, and our experience in business organization will allow us to guide you appropriately.


Contact an LLC Attorney Near Me

The longer you wait to start dealing with the legal side of establishing your business, the longer you will wait until you secure your first customer or client. Lay the groundwork today by contacting Rinaldi & Poveromo for assistance. If you aren’t sure which type of business organization is right for your new company, we can help you sort through the options to make that tough choice. If you have already decided on a structure, our team can handle the regulatory steps needed to make it happen. Thank you for visiting Rinaldi & Poveromo, and we look forward to serving you.

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