Sale & Delivery of Tangible Property

There are a few steps that need to be completed for any sale to be a success. First, the two sides of the deal – the buyer and the seller – need to agree on terms. Once there are mutually satisfactory terms in place, the agreement needs to be executed by having money and property change hands. During that transition, there is the potential for legal headaches, so turn to Rinaldi & Poveromo for help. Our team can help manage the sale and delivery of tangible property so you can steer clear of headaches and arrive at the outcome you desire.


Assembling Legal Documents

It’s always important to have the necessary legal documents in order when completing a sale of any significant size. Just because money has changed hands and the property has been transferred to the new owner, you can’t assume that will be the end of the deal. If the other side of the transaction comes back later with some issue that they would like to settle, it will be the sale documentation that determines the outcome.

Rinaldi & Poveromo can help you prepare all of the necessary documentation to complete a sale of tangible property. We want to protect your interests both in the short-term and in the long-term. That means the documentation we create will cover all of the necessary legal points to close the deal right now, and it will also help protect you later on if something should come up. Don’t expose yourself to any unnecessary risk when making this kind of transaction. Bring in the right property lawyers near me to make sure things are done correctly from the start.


Buying and Selling Houses

Many residential property sales have no business interests involved – they are just the sale of a home from one resident to another. However, in other cases, the buyer of a house will be a business, looking to either “flip” the property for a profit or rent it out over the long run. If you are in the business of buying houses, a house buying lawyer can help you get it right. Similarly, if you are ready to sell a home that you previously purchased, a lawyer for selling a house can protect your interests.

It’s an unfortunate reality that things can go wrong with home sales and purchases. For example, the seller must provide certain disclosures to the buyer to inform them of any known property issues. If those disclosures are incomplete, legal action may result. To steer clear of any unwanted legal trouble in your home buying and selling business, a property lawyer is a worthwhile investment. Knowing you have the necessary legal representation on your side throughout the process, you will have more confidence to make deals and continue to grow your business. Get in touch with the professional team at Rinaldi & Poveromo to learn more about what we offer.


Play It Safe with Us

Could you complete the sale and delivery of a property without the help of a lawyer? Sure, it’s possible to make it through such a deal without any legal assistance. But that might be a risk that you don’t need to take on at this time. When there is a significant sum of money involved and the transfer of a valuable property, it’s best to protect your legal interests from the start. By working with a property lawyer like Rinaldi & Poveromo, you can take the stress out of this process. Contact us right away to get started.

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