Real Estate

There is often the need for legal representation in real estate deals. Real estate transactions often involve high dollar amounts, and there are many moving parts that need to come together just right for the deal to close. If you need representation for an upcoming real estate transaction, or perhaps you need council regarding a past transaction that has gone wrong in some way, contact Rinaldi & Poveromo today for assistance. 

Residential Real Estate

For the average homebuyer, the home they are purchasing will be the largest financial transaction they have ever made. With that simple fact in mind, it’s important to cover all of your bases before signing on the dotted line. While many residential real estate deals can be closed without the help of an attorney, some cases will call for a real estate lawyer to be used. Rinaldi & Poveromo would be proud to stand up for your side of the deal and make sure your interests are protected at every turn. 

Commercial Real Estate

The stakes tend to be even bigger in commercial real estate than they are with residential deals. Commercial real estate transactions are often measured in the millions, and the entire fate of a company could rest on the deal being successful. As real estate lawyers in Scranton, we can consult with you both before and during the transaction process to negotiate any hurdles that may come up. 

Dealing with Title Insurance

Real estate transactions revolve around the transfer of a title from one party to another. The title holder is the current owner of the property, and the buyer will take over that title when the deal is closed. In most cases, this is a seamless process that just involves some paperwork and signatures. 

Occasionally, something can go wrong with the title, however – which is where title insurance comes into the picture. Title insurance is an effective way to protect both the buyer and the lender if there is some kind of unexpected issue with the title of the property. Even after the title is searched, it’s possible that something could come up, such as a lien on the property that was not discovered for some reason. Reach out to Rinaldi & Poveromo to discuss your need for title insurance on an upcoming transaction. 

Representing Lender Interests

It’s easy to think about a real estate deal as being just two-sided – the buyer and the seller. However, there is almost always a third party involved, in the form of a lender. The lender will be bringing the bulk of the money to the table, so that party will need to protect their interests in the deal carefully to avoid disaster. 

In certain cases, especially with large transactions, it will be necessary for the lender to have representation during the deal. Rinaldi & Poveromo can offer an experienced real estate attorney near me to provide counsel to the lending party. As a real estate attorney in Scranton, we understand how these deals should work and will be there to guide you through any uncertainty. 

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Looking for a real estate lawyer near me to handle any kind of transaction in the Scranton area? Rinaldi & Poveromo are ready to help. In addition to the services mentioned above, we can also work on assessment appeals, real estate leases, oil & gas leases, and more. No matter what kind of transaction is on the table, get started by calling our office to discuss your needs. We are looking forward to speaking with you soon.